Woodturning Classes

With over 25 years’ experience, Andy can help you hone your skills as a wood turner whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience but are looking to improve your skills and try new techniques. With one-on-one tuition in our dedicated workshop in Duvall, WA you can be assured of plenty of hands-on practice as well as demonstrations.

Introduction to woodturning

Introduction to bowl turning

Introduction to bowl turning

Cherry Bowl

 Beginner class that includes;

  • Introduction to the  wood lathe
  • Woodturning safety
  • Tool selection and their use
  • Tool sharpening
  • Wood selection
  • Methods of holding wood on the lathe
  • Basic spindle turning cuts
  • Sanding and finishes

Intermediate class that includes;

  • Design and form considerations
  • Wood selection
  • Tool selection and sharpening
  • Push, pull, shear and scraping cuts
  • Bowl chucking and reverse chucking methods
  • Sanding and finishes

Intermediate class that includes;

  • Hollow form shapes considerations
  • Wood selection
  • Hollowing tools selection and their uses
  • Hollowing techniques
  • Sanding and finishes

All classes are $250 which includes all materials and tuition. 

 Contact us to discuss which class would be right for you and to schedule an appointment.4919_inst_1200x627